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Marketers Look at Numerology’s Life Paths to Cater Sales Tactics

love numerology calculatorOk so this is a new trend. We’ve all heard about data mining and lead generation, but only now have I heard that marketers are using numerology and life path numbers to figure out how to best sell to a customer. Numerology is the study of a person’s name and birth date in simplified and elementary terms to distinguish certain personality traits, characteristics of how a person views the world and interacts with it, and their journey through life. Well, marketers are exploiting this information to cater their sales tactics to each class of numbers – or rather – customers.

What the heck is numerology and why haven’t I heard of it?

Chances are, you probably have. In fact you’ve probably participated in a numerology test or put your information into a calculator at some time. I see a few of these things popping up on Facebook that say “Do you know what your name means?” or “What is my numerology love match?” or something to that affect. While these little odd click-gimmicks can be fun to play around with or find your numerology love match, are they worth digging into and applying the findings to such a thing as marketing and sales Well, the answer might surprise you.

Numerology has been in practice for thousands of years throughout many different cultures, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. What many people don’t know is the underlying theory to numerology. It sort of works like horoscopes and astrology. We all know that the planets align and revolve around the sun – moons included, and we are given a certain ‘sign’ based on when we were born. Somehow the vibrations of the universe dictated that you be born during that time of planetary alignment. Numerology works the same way. The day you were born is literally interpreted into a classification system in which you can draw meaning. Your personality is based off of name numerology while your life path is based off of your birth date.

Numerology and Mass Marketing

Marketers are now using this information for their benefit. They are attempting to communicate with their prospect customers according to their life path – or where they are right now in their life’s journey – and the numerology of their name. This tells the marketer what type of person they are going to be communicating their marketing message to.

I’ve heard of targeting an audience and really zeroing in on who you want to sell your product to, but this is actually pretty cool. If I were into mass marketing and communication, I would totally use this information to my benefit as well. I would just go down my contact list and plug each person’s name into a numerology calculator and jot down a few notes. Then, I would know exactly what each person needed to hear to buy my product or service! Now that’s smart marketing! I probably wouldn’t let them know what their numerology love match is though. That might be too much information. 🙂

I’m not sure if this type of marketing is actually being done by big companies or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. With all of the subliminal advertising and product placement going on, numerology data is just the next logical step.