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DMA Portland Reviews Getting a Job and Getting the Job Done

DMA Portland reviews how some people get great careers. Management at DMA Portland reviews what it takes to not only get a job, but get the job done in relation to your professional goals in this post.

DMA Portland Reviews the ‘Success’ Dilemma

To really achieve what you want in life, is all up to you. You need more than just good intentions. Everyone has those. What is going to separate you from everyone else who is merely ‘interested’ in being successful? Why are you so special? Are you even interested in being successful or are all of those people who are, that much closer to success than you?

Is wanting to achieve success bad? Is it egotistical?

The fact is, it is human nature to want more, to desire more, to achieve more, to be recognized for doing more, etc. It’s normal…and it’s OK. Many of the world’s religions have a strong belief in prosperity and abundance. Therefore, it is not necessarily a bad thing to desire more. In my opinion, it IS a bad thing if you were give up on your desire to achieve greater things.

How do you feel about success and what are you going to do about it? Do you merely have good intentions?

DMA Portland Reviews ‘Intentions’

DMA Portland ReviewsIn the next part of this post, DMA Portland reviews the difference between intentions and commitment. Which one do you think will have a bigger affect on your achievement of your goals?

Whatever you want…or don’t want…in your life is ultimately up to you. Not too many of us get a guide that points out how to get what we want. You’ll ultimately have to come up with a list, but you’ll need more than that. You’ll need a commitment to achieve the items on that list. Intentions are great, but there is no follow through or accountability. For instance, most people don’t read past the first chapter in any given book that they purchase. Here’s how it goes…

They start off with good intentions. They think that it would be great to gain the knowledge of the book, or experience the author’s great storytelling. They purchase the book, usually right around $20. Once they get home with their book, they usually set it aside and ‘get around to it’ when they have some free time. When they do finally find the time, they will rarely find the time again. Most people quit reading after the first chapter.

Isn’t that crazy!? Just think of how many books you have and how many of them you have actually read front to back. You may be in the minority and have read every book that you own from cover to cover. However, most people do not.

Scroll Down to See a Video on Setting Yourself Up for Success

So, before achieving any degree of success in gaining meaningful employment, you must start off with much more than just ‘intentions.’ You must seek out your career with a sense of urgency and a commitment to further your career. You have to begin with the end in mind. Know what you want and be committed to achieving those results. Don’t just be interested, be committed. Don’t just have an intention, have a sense of urgency.

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DMA Portland Reviews ‘Identifying Your Needs’

Everyone wants different things in their job, career, or profession. DMA Portland reviews cover letters all of the time stating how great a person is for a job. This is simply just an interest or intent. We don’t know if they are a good fit. They don’t know if they are a good fit. What makes a great fit anyway? Well, that’s ultimately up to you. In my opinion, you must begin with the end in mind. Scroll down to see the video. I interview people all of the time who are looking for the following things…

  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Medical Benefits
  • Rewards
  • Growth
  • Atmosphere
  • Training
  • Money
  • Opportunity for Advancement

Some people say some off-the-wall things, but the aforementioned bullet points fall into the majority of what people are looking for these days.

It’s pretty easy to make a list, but now you must prioritize that list. You have to find out what’s really important to you and your job search. Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to do this. First, just cross one thing off of the list. If you had to choose one thing to sacrifice, what would it be? Then repeat until you have an idea of your core needs (just one or two things).

After you have your core needs, you will be less likely to be unhappy with your chosen career path if you look for those things during your initial job search. Furthermore, identifying what is important to you will help you reach your career goals quicker. You will be less likely to veer off of the path to your goals if you know your core values and needs. You be less likely to give up on yourself. The griping and complaints will come less frequently if you know that what you are doing is in line with you ultimate goal.

Another way to illustrate this is to ‘begin with the end in mind,’ according to Dr. Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

DMA Portland Oregon Reviews the Application

So, where do you start? DMA Portland reviews the candidacy of all of our entry level prospective employees based on work ethic, communication skills, integrity, professionalism, and attitude. All of these qualities must be present for consideration. Can DMA Portland offer YOU what you’re looking for in a job or career opportunity? That ultimately is up to what you have as your core list of needs. Are you looking for freedom? Are you looking for an exciting growth opportunity? If so, we may just have the right career path for you.

Thank you for reading DMA Portland Reviews Getting a Job and Getting the Job Done.

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