DMA Portland: Baby Steps

It only takes 10 seconds of courage to change everything, or to start something that will change everything. Trying to uproot and overhaul and transform your life overnight will seldom work. But do you know what will? Identifying what it is you most want, and making the little, tiny changes until you get there.


DMA Portland: Give 100%

DMA Portland: Give 100%

DMA Portland

DMA Portland: Quote of the Day!

“Now I am the voice!

I will lead, not follow!

I will believe, not doubt!

I will create, not destroy!

I am a force for good!

I am a leader!

Defy the odds!

Set a standard!

Step up!”

-Tony Robbins, peak performance coach.

DMA Portland The Finished Product

The Finished Product

What was your best day ever like? Was it the day where you accomplished the most, or was it the day where you were able to kick back and relax because you had just had the best week ever? Either way provided the same result, the best day of your life the difference is the persistence and constant achievement level required to give you your best day ever. We can look at what some might say is the best day of their life, their wedding day. Few would argue that the actual accomplishment of getting married is more important than the time, effort, collaboration, tears, laughs, experiences, and evolution of the relationship that results in a marriage. Was the marriage the accomplishment or was it all the time spent before the couple officially tied the knot and the time to be spent from now until death do they part? Ultimately a finished product takes time to develop, and the more polished the product the more valuable.

Factors that contribute to the finished product are often overlooked because the finished product is so complete that it eclipses exactly what went into the final presentation. For example, when you sit at a desk little thought goes into where it’s made, what type of wood or material it’s made of, how many screws it took to put it together, because at the end of the day the desk is there for you to use. You may not even know who bought it, where it was purchased from, how it got to the exact location that you needed it to be because who cares? The desk is there for you to use. The actions are unknown and the result is constant. Because there was so much work and actions put into the creation of the desk prior to the eventual consumer usage, the finished product can always perform. The conceptual difference to become a finished product in which ever industry people decide to commit to should not be what does the finished product look like, rather how do you become the finished product.

The conceptual difference is most of all apparent when we look at professional athletes. Lots of spectators see only the finished product. They see men and women of the highest athletic caliber competing against each other in professional athletics. After all there is no room for sub par in professional sports. Fans tend to care about results, not how a player can get them. I’ve never seen a fan or a losing team go over the teams practice regiment or nutritional supplements. Countless times I have seen sports fans take pride in the finished product. After all, “Super Bowl Champions” is a much more attractive term than, “hard working and disciplined group of people”. The common mistake people make is they forget the causation behind the first statement. The first statement can’t happen without the second.

The word life is defined by the conditional difference between inanimate objects and organic objects in that the latter has the ability to grow. In other words, the finished product in terms of a desk is not going to change much. The finished product in terms of a person is ever changing. So the outlook is not what should the finished product be, but how can we always become better to provide our friends, family, and loved ones with the best version of ourselves.

DMA Portland: Optimistic or Pessimistic, Your Choice

Don’t let failure outside of you get inside of you. No matter what happens to you, failure is an inside job. We can’t control the cards we’re dealt, but we can control the way we handle them. Start by cultivating the right attitude. The law of human behavior- sooner or later we get exactly what we expect – is this optimistic or pessimistic? – The answer reflects your attitude.

Martin Seligman observes that people who bounce back are optimists. No matter your situation, you can cultivate optimism by learning contentment.

Contentment is not:

1. Containing your emotions.

2. It’s not maintaining your current situation it means having a good attitude as work yourself out of it

3. Not power or money – true contentment comes from having a positive attitude – seeing solutions in every problem, believing in yourself and holding on to hope. No matter what happens to you a positive attitude comes from within.

4. Handicaps can only disable us if we let them. The real and lasting limitations are created in our own minds.

DMA Portland…Who is DMA Portland?

DMA Portland – What Kind of Company is DMA Portland?

DMA Portland reviews companies’ current marketing strategies and implements new and effective channels. DMA Portland implements several different methods of new customer acquisition, promotional marketing, and customer retention. DMA Portland, Portland Oregon, is a results-oriented oriented company delivering unprecedented return on investment to its clients.

What Does DMA Portland Do?

DMA Portland services clients in industries of telecom, digital entertainment, and business supplies. DMA Portland provides direct representation for these companies. DMA Portland was initially founded in Portland, Oregon in October of 2010 and since then, has expanded to over twenty-five employees. At present, the company now oversees the development of six different sales and marketing campaigns.

Where is the Company Headed?

In the upcoming months, DMA Portland will review several more expansion options. As the company continues to develop its employees into executive management, DMA Portland continually becomes more equipped to service more clients in more markets.

DMA Portland looks forward to continual success and expansion throughout 2013 and into next year. With several companies down-sizing and in a decade with record layoffs, the company shows a promising future.

As the company continues to expand and gain more clients, this necessitates a need for continual upward mobility for DMA Portland ‘s employees. For more information regarding DMA Portland’s advancement structure, please visit

DMA Portland Company Culture

DMA Portland continually raises the bar in results through an effective 3-step interview processes, world-class training of new hires, and ongoing mentoring and coaching of all company employees.

With numerous nominations and awards in the last couple of years, including being nominated for “National 101 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For,” company employees share in the passion for excellence in the sales and marketing arena.

DMA Portland is focused on developing and mentoring it’s top performers into a management capacity in a short period of time. The company takes pride in its commitment to excellence and is not willing to take any shortcuts to hit its goals.

The company only employs goal oriented and ambitious individuals with a desire to learn new skills that can potentially launch their careers within DMA Portland into executive management. Therefore, the company only attracts top talent. The credibility of the company can be found in its results. DMA Portland has landed three national companies in the last few years and continues to expand.

For more information regarding career opportunities at DMA Portland, please refer to our main website at or feel free to leave a comment below.

– DMA Portland

DMA Portland: Developing Leadership Skills

Developing Leadership Skills

It is never too early to start developing leadership skills. As someone new in the workplace, you may aspire to become the leader of your organization some day. Some people believe leaders are born and not made.

1. Integrity
Leaders have high ethics. They are honest. If you are to gain people’s trust then it is important to learn this trait early. Some of the actual situations you can practice this behavior is taking responsibility for your own actions. Do not play the blame game when things go wrong. Leaders take personal responsibility for their team’s actions and results.

2. Passionate
Leaders are passionate. They are enthusiastic about their work and they even have the ability to rub this energy off on their followers. Do you take on assignments given to you enthusiastically? This is one good behavior to start when developing leadership skills.

3. Commitment
When developing leadership skills, look at the easiest to start. Commitment to your work is one of the easiest. Can you truly say you are willing to work hard at the job assigned? Leaders work hard and have a strong discipline in following through with their work.

4. Courageous
If people are to follow you then as a leader you need to be courageous. Leaders are brave when they confront risks and the unknown. The ultimate test of a leader’s courage is also the courage to be open. When looking at developing leadership skills, do you have the courage to speak up on things that matter?

5. Goal Oriented
Leaders are very focused on the objectives that need to be attained. They develop a plan and strategy to achieve the objectives. In addition, they will also need to build commitment from the team and rally them to achieve the organization’s goal. When developing leadership skills, start by looking at how goal oriented you are now. Improve upon that behavior.

6. Developing People
Developing people whether by training, coaching or teaching them is one of the main traits of a good leader. No one can achieve organization goals alone. The team is needed in order to achieve them. Leaders develop the people to build a stronger team so that the organization is effective. Start by developing your own knowledge when developing leadership skills.

7. Prioritize
Leaders do the most urgent and important things first regardless of their interest in them. For them, whatever that needs to be done should be completed with the best possible effort. How do you fare with this trait? Do you tasks that you are uncomfortable with? Start developing leadership skills in this area by recognizing what are the important tasks to complete.

8. No Public Glory
Leaders understand that at best they will get private credit for their work. Public glory is not expected. They know whatever achievements are the result of joint effort of their units. They share glory and credit with the rest for the work. They know they are only as good as their team. When developing leadership skills, ask yourself this – are you generous enough to share the fruits of your unit’s achievements?

Developing leadership skills is a long process. Some people are born with such traits. They develop into leaders much faster. Leadership is also a set of behavior as much as a skill. Hence, it is possible to learn leadership skills. Start now and when the opportunity arise you will be ready.