DMA Portland: Optimistic or Pessimistic, Your Choice

Don’t let failure outside of you get inside of you. No matter what happens to you, failure is an inside job. We can’t control the cards we’re dealt, but we can control the way we handle them. Start by cultivating the right attitude. The law of human behavior- sooner or later we get exactly what we expect – is this optimistic or pessimistic? – The answer reflects your attitude.

Martin Seligman observes that people who bounce back are optimists. No matter your situation, you can cultivate optimism by learning contentment.

Contentment is not:

1. Containing your emotions.

2. It’s not maintaining your current situation it means having a good attitude as work yourself out of it

3. Not power or money – true contentment comes from having a positive attitude – seeing solutions in every problem, believing in yourself and holding on to hope. No matter what happens to you a positive attitude comes from within.

4. Handicaps can only disable us if we let them. The real and lasting limitations are created in our own minds.


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