7 Ideas for a Strong Hiring Process

David Cummings on Startups

Getting good at interviewing and recruiting process is something that took us a long time and many iterations to develop. By no means were we perfect, but our annual employee retention was 98% and our net promoter score was in the 70s. Early on we struggled to make the process systematic and then once we hit high growth mode we had to work on make the process faster and more scalable.

Here are seven ideas for a strong hiring process:

  1. Remember that culture fit is more important than domain expertise
  2. Find the people on your team that most embody your culture and have them as the final step in the interview process (a culture check team)
  3. Make hiring a top priority such that everything is dropped when it’s time to move fast on a candidate
  4. Require unanimous consent on any new hire so that everyone has a powerful say in…

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