Recycling Talent in a Startup Community

David Cummings on Startups

Most startups fail — it’s inevitable. What isn’t inevitable is that the talented people that learned lessons during the failure go back to normal, non startup jobs. In fact, people usually learn more from their failures than from their successes, and post failure is a great time to join another startup so that the lessons learned can be shared.

Startup communities need to embrace and help facilitate the recycling of talent.

Here are some ideas around recycling talent in a startup community:

  • Creating an environment where many startups work in the same physical area, and thus have great startup density, naturally increases the recycling of talent
  • Failing at a startup should be seen as part of the process, and a good time to recycle talent into other startups that are working
  • Reducing the fear of startups poaching from other startups, knowing that talent should work on the best opportunity available…

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