DMA Portland: You Are in Control

I recently attended an event hosted by Goldman Sachs celebrating small businesses and entrepreneurs. The event consisted of a panel of successful business people who dished out some great advice for business – which I found totally applicable to life.  If you treated your life and your growth as an investment, just like you would a business, imagine the internal (and consequently external) success you would have.

Here are the top tips they shared along with my suggestions on how you translate this advice to the business of YOU.

  1. Immerse yourself in learning. This is pretty obvious – the more you learn new things, the more equipped you are to let go and outgrow old patterns, beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you.
  2. Work on your business instead of in it. When working on yourself, remember to be in a place of neutral observation and see yourself with some perspective instead of intense judgment. When you are too “in it”, meaning you are indulging in your story, it is impossible to get the altitude you need to create the shifts you want.
  3. There will be adversity – you may do everything perfect and it has nothing to do with you. How we learn is through challenge and contrast.  Nobody gets the greatest cards all the time but we can do the greatest things with any hand we are dealt.  You are always doing the best you can and don’t take things personally!
  4. Get pumped up but not delusional. It is awesome to get excited about your life and dreams. Just avoid traveling to fantasyland by placing unrealistic expectations on others or jumping to conclusions before you have information. And don’t buy into the number one delusion of them all: that anyone or anything outside of you can fulfill you.
  5. How you will be judged is how you respond to adversity. The Uni-verse doesn’t judge you but on some level we could say that we’re “evaluated” on how well we are learning our life lessons by the way we respond to them.  The more we respond with acceptance and a willingness to choose love over fear, the more we attract what is more in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly want.
  6. Listen to advice and implement it so your business grows.  It’s one thing to gather a lot of advice and guidance; it’s another thing to implement it. Awareness isn’t enough – integration is when major growth happens.
  7. Don’t do it all on your own. Knowing when and whom to ask for help is critical for your success and over all well-being. No one does it alone.
  8. Have a sense of optimism. Anything in the future we are making up so when you look ahead, make it good. Worry and pessimism is the imagination used poorly. Expect andTRUST that everything is and will happen for your Highest Good.

You are the COO (the chief operating officer) of your life.  You cannot control what happens, but you have total dominion over how you respond to what happens.



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