DMA Portland: The Patient Path

And these lessons can be extracted into our own lives – patiently and consistently over time. I truly believe that when people ask what the key to success is, they are thinking there is something that they can do RIGHT NOW, to get it all RIGHT NOW. And that’s not how it works. It’s about planting seed, after seed, after seed. Knowing that some will not make it and others will. And not giving up – but rather patiently allowing the seed to come to fruition.

The patient path is the path of mastery. Two steps forward, one step back. Three steps forward, two steps back. And over time, we find ourselves making massive progress. It means stop trying to make things happen – and start allowing what wants to happen to come forward.

It means being in service, rather than demanding being served. It means taking one step at a time – with detachment from outcome. It means being able to let go of the life you have been trying to make happen, so that you can make room for the amazing life that is trying to unfold, if you just stop being so darn stubborn.


Mastin Kipp


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