503-841-6942 Did You Get a Call From This Number?

503-841-6942 Contact DMA Portland in Portland, OR 97223.


Did you get a call from 503-841-6942? Well, then we probably saw something on your resume that sparked our interest. You either applied to one of our open positions for a Client Manager, or you have posted your resume on a job board with an interest in sales, marketing, and/or customer service.

To assist in your job search, both CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com match potential candidates up with employers free of charge. In today’s economy, the job search can be rough. So, these job boards help companies like ours find top talent and we approach YOU!

For more information about the position at DMA and more about what we do, either give us a call back at 503-841-6942, or visit our website at http://dmaportland.com/

For immediate consideration, call DMA Portland back at 503-841-6942

or if you are no longer on the ‘job hunt,’ and you have not yet taken your resume off of a job board, give us a call back all the same so that we may update our information internally.

Thank You,

DMA Portland, Portland OR, 503-841-6942


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