Army Of Awesome People

Last Friday’s world record jackpot sparked a lottery ticket buying frenzy.  On advice from experts, I will never flat out reveal if I won the money or not.  To the average person, I’ll appear to be the same old Tim.  However, there are some small signs that I’m a few hundred million dollars richer:

-I’m no longer talking to you.  I have a solid gold robot that does that for me now

-Instead of my usual shirt and pants I now wear nothing and just pay the fine

-Instead of texts and tweets, all of my messages are now sent via Gorilla-Gram

-My hilarious seltzer squirting lapel now shoots out 100 year old scotch

-Rather than a doorbell ring or a phone call, my presence is now preceded by a 110 piece musical ensemble performing an 8 minute number revolving around the fact that I am about to enter the room.

-Instead of…

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