Deastika Sudjasmara

Hearing the word “entrepreneur”, which is in our mind, is someone with all his finance and business. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary presents the definition of an entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise, while Richard Cantillon (Kompasiana, 2010), the creator of the term “entrepreneur” put forward that an entrepreneur is someone who employs himself with an uncertain income. He said that the core of the business entrepreneur is to take the risk. Any action in the context of entrepreneurship can be ascertained associated with risk, whether small or big.

Agree with both of definition, I think because of the world of entrepreneur full of uncertainty and risk, so being a risk taker at least that is what is required when starting a business for an entrepreneur. However, before being a risk taker, an entrepreneur must have a strong will and determination to…

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