DMA Portland: The World Isn’t How You See It – You Are How You See The World!

Is the economy holding you back? Or is it the story about the economy that is holding you back? Can you get past the fear and choose your MINDSET over the market?

I’m at Business Mastery with Tony Robbins right now and Tony said something like almost 2/3 of the Fortune 1000 were started in recessions or depressions. That means that there is always an opportunity, if we look for it. But if we are choosing to look for problems and problems only and then blame people for that, we lose our power.

How can YOU take your power back by doing an honest assessment of how you see the world and then questioning if the world is actually that way, or if you are? And if you are that way – is that how you want to be? Or do you want to change it? And if you want to change it – who do you really want to be and why?

Mastin Kipp


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