DMA Portland

DMA (Portland Oregon) is a sales and marketing firm dedicated to delivering outstanding results to our clients and entrepreneurial development for our staff. Through personal coaching and development, having high standards for quality and consistency, and hiring top talent, DMA Portland is committed to becoming the best outsourced sales and marketing firm in the Pacific Northwest.

DMA (Portland Oregon)

DMA services national companies on the local level. As long as we have a strong presence in Portland, so do our clients. The bigger our company gets, the stronger our client’s footprint. It is in the best interest of our company and clients to uphold the integrity of their brand. Therefore, a strong commitment to professionalism and complete disclosure in all business dealings.

DMA Portland services one of the Northwest’s largest telecommunications companies and aids in that client’s local footprint through in-person representation and face-to-face customer follow up. Very few companies are able to do this on the scale that DMA Portland Oregon provides.

DMA Portland Reviews the Opportunity

DMA Portland reviews a lot of expansion opportunities throughout the course of a year. Many clients are actually lined up for the company to represent them on the same level as DMA Portland’s current client. DMA Portland reviews the opportunity for an additional client based on the DMA’s current manpower and current workload. Unfortunately, until DMA Portland hires more competent and capable account managers to take on additional responsibilities and help the company grow, these additional clients will have to wait.

As the company continues to get bigger and bigger, DMA Portland will be able to handle more client’s campaigns. What does this mean to the staff? Well, for one: there is no such thing as a typical “DMA Portland Job.” Careers in DMA are focused on training a person as quickly as possible in the daily functions of representation, reporting, and follow-up. Shortly after, much emphasis is placed on training an individual into a management position within the company. The more managers, the more capabilities for expansion and taking on new clients. DMA Portland careers are all focused on getting a person into management as soon as possible, and doing some hard work along the way.

For more information on the company, please be sure to visit DMA Portland Reviews on our Weebly website. This review page gives you an opportunity to post your opinion, complaint, personal reviews and viewpoints, etc. We are committed to growing our business and improving our processes, so all feedback is welcome!

DMA Portland Jobs

DMA Portland jobs all begin as an entry level sales representative. No matter how great a person’s résumé looks, everyone must be trained in customer interactions, best practices, sales and marketing theory, and reporting systems. Although the entry level may seem menial, the job is quite necessary for an individual to master. One day, they are going to be managing these people.

Other jobs in similar companies do not offer nearly the opportunity that careers at DMA Portland do. Other companies focus on sales and hitting quotas as the job, DMA focuses on personal development and demonstrating a level of competency. The management at DMA doesn’t require that the employees become sales experts, but they have to become consistent with their results.

After the entry level DMA Portland job training is complete, an employee is trained in all aspects of human resources, administration, large team management, client relations, market research, and company financials. Even after staff is trained into management, the opportunity for expansion and promotion is still in the forefront. DMA Portland will need campaign managers, regional managers, and eventually as the company expands nationally, national managers will be needed.

DMA Portland Reviews a Favorite Quote

‎”I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.”
– Goethe

DMA Portland Contact Information

DMA Portland is located at 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 and can be reached at 503-372-5187


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